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Happy Friendship Day 2016

Here we end for the most awaited day, Friendship day. Words are not enough to describe a friend that make our life easier and happier and filling the most mesmerizing memories with oneself. It’s said that the most beautiful relationship in the world is none but the Friendship, and here we are celebrating this day to dedicate to all our friends who are near or much far from our life.
Asking for any solution and they make us to forget the problems are “Friends”. Studying late night together and start talking about something weird is a “Friend”. Stuck in a traffic and the first person that comes in our mind for help is a “Friend”. Much more things are happening when we are in this most awesome relationship.
Friendship is what that gives meaning to life and provides the best direction for future. We all laugh, we cry and we learn with friends together. We eat, we shop and we work with friends together. And when we fight for what we believe and change the world, we do that with friends too.

Thus we celebrate this day to honor our most precious thing to be in our life and make something incredible.
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Happy Friendship Day 2016 Wishes Quotes

  • A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Happy Friendship Day!
  • How long shall v b friends? Do u want a clue? As long as stars twinkle in the sky, till the water runs dry & till the day I die. We will b friends. Happy Friendship Day 2016 Quotes!
  • Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity. Happy Friendship Day!
  • The rain may be falling hard outside, But your smile makes it all alright. I’m so glad that you’re my friend. I know our friendship will never end. Happy Friendship Day Dear !!!
  • She is a friend of my mind. She gathers me, man. The pieces I am, she gathers them and gives them back to me in all the right order.
  • A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words. Happy Friendship Day 2016 !
  • A friend is a push when you have stopped, a chat when u r lonely, a guide when u r searching, a smile when u r sad, a song when u r glad.
  • A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world. Happy Friendship Day!
  • Friendship is a strong and habitual inclination in two persons to promote the good and happiness of one another.
  • A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.
  • Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend
  • Friends are like mango… you’ll never know which is sweet and which is not. Well, I’m lucky coz I was able to find the sweetest mango in U! Happy Friendship Day!
  • Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it’s all over.

Battlefield 3 weapons

There’s a massive amount of Battlefield 3 weapons. Most have at least one interesting aspect. Many of them simply aren’t effective for serious play. The best players in Battlefield 3 use a select group of weapons.  The point of this article is to show what weapons are good and what attachments work. Let’s check out the good attachments first.

Battlefield 3 Weapon Attachments
Some are good, others terrible.  All I care about is how effective they are in combat. If it doesn’t help you get kills why put it on your gun.

Sight Attachments
These are what you see while scoped in.

Reflex RDS
This is one of the best looking and simplest sights. The small crosshair makes for more accurate shots. All the other junk on other sights is an obstruction. RDS is on most of my guns. The only negative aspect is the mount location on some guns. The further back on the gun it is the bigger the sight, and all the metal junk around it. This can make it hard to pick up multiple targets.

Holo Sight
My favorite attribute of holo is how wide the sight is. This makes picking up string kills much easier. The sights wideness allows you to scope out your next target. The only thing I don’t like about it is how busy the crosshair is. The lines on it are thick and there’s a bunch of them.

Kobra RDS
Russian version of an RDS.

There was a point in time when IRNV was god. It’s still fairly effective but is much more balanced now. This sight works best on large maps. For small indoor maps the fog is so heavy it’s useless.

The ACOG is a specialty scope. It plays best from defensive positions. Its 4x zoom and narrow sight make you blind to anything coming from left, right, or behind. The extreme zoom is also disorienting. Spotting a guy with 1x zoom then going to 4x throws off your aim. Its better to be sighted in and let enemies come to you with this scope. That makes it great for camping main bases in conquest.

Under Barrel Attachments
Far and away the best under barrel attachment in Battlefield 3. It tightens up the bullet spread which is great for obvious reasons. You should be running this attachment most of the time.

Battlefield 3 is a game of positioning and dynamic movement. Locking yourself in one place opens you up to countless dangers, the biggest being mortars. Out maneuvering a bipod user is just too easy to make it effective.

Underslung Rail
This a fairly useless attachment. I don’t like bipods and you need this to put a bipod on. It’s just not worth giving up foregrip.

Barrel Attachments
Heavy Barrel
This is my most used barrel attach. It causes your first shot to be more accurate. More accuracy makes you more likely to win gun fights. This attachment works best on assault rifles. It’s least effective on SMGs, although you still throw it on there and find some success.

Laser Sight
If heavy barrel doesn’t make sense then This is where you go. It greatly increase your hip-fire accuracy. It works great on SMG’s and carbines. You also have the option to turn it on and off while running around in game. I take advantage of this regularly. Hiding in a corner with your laser beam pointing out is counter productive. I usually turn it off when I first spawn in, then turn it back on when clearing buildings or taking corners.

Tactical Light
Fuck shit? fuck it fuck it fuck it, shit pist.

Makes the first shot less accurate but causes your gun to be quieter. It also hides your position on the map after firing. Normally after shooting you will show up on the enemies mini map. This is another attachment that works well on SMGs. It tends to be less effective on burst fire assault rifles.

Flash Supressor
This attachment hides muzzle flash but decreases iron sight accuracy and over all accuracy. It basically does everything you don’t want an attachment to do. I personally never felt like muzzle flash was an issue so skipping it’s easy.

Battlefield 3 weapons Assault
The most popular kit in Battlefield 3. Assault is equipped to deal with enemies at close, medium, and long range. The only downside is how helpless it is to vehicles.

The AK is a great range rifle. Its power and accuracy destroy infantry at a distance. The only thing holding it back would be firing speed. The rate of fire is turd.

One of the best mid-long range assault rifles. This gun is great for console players because it has basically has no recoil.

Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. The AEK does well up close. At mid and long range it gets sketchy.

This rifle used to be god. It’s still the best assault rifle but you can’t spray like before. The M16A3 is beast when used in short bursts.

Battlefield 3 weapons Engineer
The G36 feels like an assault rifle. It kills fast and has good accuracy. The only downside is it lacks the speed of other engineer guns. When zoomed in you move at a crawl. Most of the other engi guns are highly mobile while zoomed in.

My personal favorite SMG. It has a high fire rate and great mobility. You wont be winning many range fights but engineers aren’t meant to be fighting infantry at long range anyways.

Many pro players favor the M4A1. The reason is how well balanced it is. The M4A1 has good fire rate, range, and mobility.

Battlefield 3 weapons Sniper
This sniper rifle does work. Face shots are always a 1 hit kill, there’s nothing special about the M98b there. This gun will also randomly 1 hit kill to the chest. It happens more in hardcore servers. I generally don’t like snipers because they contribute little to nothing for a team, but if you’re going to play one this is the gun to use.

This is my favorite recon gun. It’s basically a suppressed assault rifle. So you get the spawn beacon without having to be gimped by an assault rifle. It has a small clip but is deadly at close range.

Battlefield 3 weapons Support
This LMG has a ton of power and a ton of kick back. You have to be good at pulling down to use an M240B. This is the best of all support specific LMGs.

This is an all class gun that works perfectly with support. You can be mobile and aggressively hand out ammo to team mates. One of the downsides to shotguns are how quickly they run out of ammo. Support is the perfect class for shotgunning.

Battlefield 3 team strategy

Battlefield 3 team strategy is complex. There’s literally thousands of choices to be made in any given round. Some good, many bad. If you aren’t familiar with BF3 it’s easy to make mistakes and get the team into bad situations. I’m going to write this with teams/clans in mind. I’m sure casual players will also be able to apply some of this.

Battlefield 3 Team Strategy – Maps
Map knowledge is a massive part of BF3 strategy. If you haven’t poked around the map on an empty server you have no business scrimming or matching. It’s not enough to just know where flags and bombsites are. Most fighting wont even take place on the objective.

You’re going to end up fighting before you get it, and after you get it. Most objectives are weak to certain areas. For example lets look at Seine Crossing conquest small.

The most important flag on this map is C. This is because from C you have an easy route to hit every other flag. The capture radius for C is a huge area down on the ground level. Yet holding C flag has nothing to do with the ground level and every thing to do with the C building.

From C building you have a perfect vantage point and a safe place to spawn in squad mates. If you lose C building you will lose C flag even though it’s not in radius.

These are the kind of things you need to think about to be a successful Battlefield 3 team. There are 100s of more objectives like this that I can’t fit into one guide. I hope this example helps you attack/defend your objectives properly.

Battlefield 3 Team Strategy – Communication
Communication is the single biggest factor in any team game. Bad communication will cost you matches. With no voice communication it’s impossible to beat a good team. Once you have a means of voice communication there’s two topics that must be communicated.

Enemy Positions
I can’t even put into words how important this is. Ever seen a frag video on YouTube where some superstar player wipes a whole team? Many of those are set up by team mates with good communication. Every time you die you need to communicate that you’re down and either tell them where the guy is or give a good guess. Don’t whine or complain when you die, communicate the enemy dudes position.

Set Modifications
The enemy positions have been called out. Now what? Respond! Every team needs a loud in-game leader to call modifications. Once you have a decent chunk of information about enemy positions you need to move your team into a good counter spot. If they are pushing all left you don’t want your guys half guarding right and half left. When two good teams play this action will go back and forth until one team breaks. It becomes this complex game of enemy positions spotted, set modifications, they see your position then set their modification, and so on.

Other Talky Stuff
Keeping your team motivated is another useful communication tool. It’s easy for a team to get discouraged when they are down in points and in a bad spot, especially on conquest. You can’t just sit there in the bleed and defend the last flag. Rally your bros and get some sort of attack going. Every attack has a chance at succeeding. It may not be big but it beats getting a guaranteed loss from not pushing at all.

Battlefield 3 Team Strategy – Strats
Strats refer to the opening strategy of a battlefield match. Games like CoD and CS are almost nothing but strats. Those are round based games where you will see a predictable opening game 7-15 times in a match. In Battlefield you only get 2 rounds so you only see 2 openings. After the initial push you have 200+ tickets to play with. Having a good strat is important. However if you mess up or just have a bad strat it’s possible to recover.

The biggest mistake I see is teams having a decent or even very good opening strat then having nothing to back it up once mid game rolls around. What should you do when nothing is predictable and the enemy team can set up anywhere? The answer is to figure out what areas are highly contested or important for taking objectives. These are areas when an enemy must go to move forward so figure out those spots and practice them with your team.

It’s hard to give people set rolls in a battlefield game. The match can change some much in 1 minute. Sometimes it’s good to go engineer and deal with a tank. The next minute you need an assault kit to clear out a flag. The best thing you can do is make sure your team understands what needs to be guarded and what needs to be attacked. Then let them judge what would be best to deal with a specific situation.

I’ve seen good teams go in there and play matches completely by ear. To do that you need a team with lots of Battlefield experience and individual skill. If you don’t have that you need to organize a good opening strat and sub strats for dealing with choke points. Spending time with your team looking at map will pay off come match day.

Average players can come together with good teamwork and communication to make a dangerous competitive team. Most top Battlefield teams aren’t filled with superstars that can slay your whole team on a whim. In Battlefield teamwork trumps skill. A group of average skilled players can come together and become a top 10 BF team if they get communication and teamwork down. It’s a matter of putting time into the maps and not getting discouraged if you lose and lose bad, it will happen. Learn from your mistakes and you will climb the competitive ladder.


BF3 is one of the most complex multiplayer FPS. It has tons of layers, rewarding intelligence and strategy. This game is an information battle. I’ve been addicted for the better part of 8 years and have a massive amount of knowledge on it. If you pinkey swear to join my team I’ll share some of my Battlefield 3 tips and tricks with you.

BF3 Minimap
Information is everything, and nothing yields more than your minimap. If an enemy fires with no suppressor they show up as a red arrow. When guarding flags keep an eye out for a flashing square on your map. The flashing is caused by enemies entering the flag radius. Knowing they are somewhere in radius will give you a slight reaction time advantage. One of the most overlooked uses for the minimap is keeping track of team mates. Getting too grouped up makes you a prime target for mortar strikes and grenades. If there are too many people in one area try to flank.

BF3 vehicles
Clearly vehicles have a large role in bf3. As infantry many of your decisions will be made based on how to best deal with them. The best way to safely get information on enemy vehicles is through spotting. Find an area with good cover, quickly peek out and hit your spot key then fall back. This highlights the tank your minimap. For 15 seconds you will be able to keep track of the tanks movement without being in its line of fire. Usually your best bet is to evade. If you play engineer its a different story. When hunting tanks take them from behind. Not only is it an area most don’t pay attention too, but it’s also the tanks weak point. One well placed rocket from behind disables a tank.

BF3 Map Knowledge
One of the best BF3 tips I can give you is to become familiar with its maps. The fastest route to an objective will always be the most traveled. Typically it will also have the most resistance. The best way to avoid a stalemate is to flank. Take an alternate route around the main action and either kill them from behind or go for the back flag. This is a great way to break down enemy defense and only takes 1 or 2 guys. Whenever you spawn at a flag or bombsite make a mental note of exactly the spot you come in on. You will need to keep an eye on these spots when graying out those flags later.

BF3 Ticket Bleed
Battlefield conquest mode is all about ticket bleed. Holding more flags than your opponents will cause their tickets to decrease. Because of this gambling with your tickets by throwing yourself at a flag can be worth it. Burning off 10-20 tickets is completely worth it if you can take the flag and hold it. You will be able to make up for those tickets with bleed in minutes. Anything to secure ticket bleed is worth it.

Dealing with health and ammo can suck. You rely on teammates with little to no higher brain function for both. Health isn’t too bad, since you slowly regenerate after 15 seconds. Ammo on the other hand is complete crap. The only way to get ammo is through support assholes who are ALWAYS blind as shit. If you aim at a support player and press your spot button it requests ammo, of course they will never see or hear it. To show them the light I suggest using sidearm equipped with a flashlight that’s so bright it probably causes skin cancer.

Battlefield 3 guide

Battlefield 3 guide play at the top, play to win. Losing sucks, that simple fact has driven me to become one of the best Battlefield players in the world. You’re in luck because I’m willing to share the tricks I’ve used to get there. The tactics and tricks I use will make your opponents rage. It’s funny and satisfying to see what people say when they feel helpless against your strategy. Click Click here to see the noob rage.

Become the Player Noobs Fear
Being killed over and over isn’t fun. However, being the one doing the killing over and over is incredibly fun! You can walk around with the confidence that some one must get lucky to kill you.  All it takes is some proven Battlefield strategy.

Be Memorable
Become one of the players people remember. People don’t add average players to their friends list. When I see someone take care of business and destroy the other team I want to play with them again. Becoming a destroyer is a learned skill.

Bend Players to Your Will
Decent players get kills. Great players force people to make mistakes and get tons of kills. You need to know the common mistakes so you can avoid them. At the same time you’ll know when other people are making mistakes and be able to capitalize.

Get Stats You Can be Proud of
People who are extremely good at this game aren’t using magic. They’re using a system of tricks and strategies to their advantage. You can waste hundreds of hours trying to learn these. Alternatively you could get them right here and spend hundreds of hours destroying instead.

Be Better Then People Around You
There is a clear line between good players and bad players. To become a good player will take a long time on your own. Every thing you need to know is right here. I’ve taken years of championship knowledge and condensed it into a single guide.

The Best Guide on Earth
No guide anywhere matches this one, not even close. No one out there writing guides has the skill or experience I do. These tips have literary won championship matches. Take a look at what these strategies have done for me.

Learn to Shoot Correctly
90% of players don’t aim correctly. Low accuracy is a symptom of bad technique. Good aim is some thing you will need in every FPS. I’m one of the best and I’ll show you how to do it the right way.

Be Smarter Than the Dummies
So many people make terrible choices in BF3. All kits are not made equally. You need to know what kits are actually good. Ontop of that you need to know what guns and attachments to use. I see so many people handicap themselves by using bad kits and terrible guns. If you want to level fast you have to use the good equipment.

100% Money Back Guarantee
If this Battlefield 3 guide doesn’t make you a better player I’ll give your money back. You have nothing to lose, there’s 0% risk. Once you’ve read the guide you’ll see why I’m so confident in it. If you some how manage to learn nothing I’ll give you back every penny.

Take Action
You know what this guide can do for you. It’s time to take action and acquire the best BF3 guide.
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Once payment is processed an email will be sent with a link to download the guide. My e-book is 100% digital so you don’t have to worry about shipping time or costs. All you have to do is click the link and save the book. It’s that convenient and that easy!


Battlefield 3 Clan

What is a Battlefield 3 Clan? I hate the word clan when used in the context of video games. We aren’t Mongol tribes attacking the Roman empire. When you’re talking about groups of people playing together there are 3 main classes.

Gaming Communities

Most people playing Battlefield 3 have no affiliations. Playing by yourself can be frustrating. Battlefield 3 is a team oriented game. Playing with an organized group of people adds a whole new layer to the game. It’s a lot of fun even if your just rolling noobs on public servers.

Gaming Communities
Over the last few years gaming communities have become popular. The difference between a BF3 community and a battlefield 3 clan is size and attitude. Communities tend to be large usually 20-100 people, sometimes even more. They tend to be very lax when it comes to recruiting. If you want to get into competitive BF3 this would be an easy entry point.

They tend not to be super serious when it comes to competition. More than anything they like to play in a semi organized manner and use voice communication. I see communities on leagues and ladders all the time. They normally do okay and tend to have good attitudes when they lose. If you’re a casual player that enjoys teamwork and organization this is where I would look.

Battlefield 3 Clan
Clans are a step up from communities. they tend to be smaller and more organized with rosters of 5-20 people. I started out in a clan many years ago. Like most other clans ours started out with a small group of 5 friends. We recruited players from public servers to fill out an 8vs8 roster. Clans are slightly more selective than communities when it comes to recruiting.

Communities will let just about anyone in who’s mature and isn’t cheating. Clans want to be more competitive. They typically require players to pass a try out. Individual skill isn’t a big sticking point for clans, they just want players who are active. If you do moderately well but show up every night that will get you in. Many talented players start out in clans then move to top level competitive teams.

Battlefield 3 Teams
Teams are groups of players who combine skill and preparation to win matches. Like clans they want players who are very active. They put more emphasis on skill and teamwork. Most top teams are invite only. Meaning you have to catch someones eye with impressive play just to earn a try out. Most players who make it onto teams are recruited out of clans.

When a clan breaks up teams normally come in and cherry pick the best players. Many top players ended up on good teams from this process. If you want to get into competitive gaming clans are where you should start. Starting off with a team can be frustrating even if you pass the try out. Good teams like to play against other good teams and improve. If you don’t have experience it’s hard to keep up. It’s better to start off with a clan to get some organized matches under your belt before joining a team.

Battlefield 3 Clan – BF3 PC Server
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Battlefield 3 Clan – BF3 Hub
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