Battlefield 3 weapons

There’s a massive amount of Battlefield 3 weapons. Most have at least one interesting aspect. Many of them simply aren’t effective for serious play. The best players in Battlefield 3 use a select group of weapons.  The point of this article is to show what weapons are good and what attachments work. Let’s check out the good attachments first.

Battlefield 3 Weapon Attachments
Some are good, others terrible.  All I care about is how effective they are in combat. If it doesn’t help you get kills why put it on your gun.

Sight Attachments
These are what you see while scoped in.

Reflex RDS
This is one of the best looking and simplest sights. The small crosshair makes for more accurate shots. All the other junk on other sights is an obstruction. RDS is on most of my guns. The only negative aspect is the mount location on some guns. The further back on the gun it is the bigger the sight, and all the metal junk around it. This can make it hard to pick up multiple targets.

Holo Sight
My favorite attribute of holo is how wide the sight is. This makes picking up string kills much easier. The sights wideness allows you to scope out your next target. The only thing I don’t like about it is how busy the crosshair is. The lines on it are thick and there’s a bunch of them.

Kobra RDS
Russian version of an RDS.

There was a point in time when IRNV was god. It’s still fairly effective but is much more balanced now. This sight works best on large maps. For small indoor maps the fog is so heavy it’s useless.

The ACOG is a specialty scope. It plays best from defensive positions. Its 4x zoom and narrow sight make you blind to anything coming from left, right, or behind. The extreme zoom is also disorienting. Spotting a guy with 1x zoom then going to 4x throws off your aim. Its better to be sighted in and let enemies come to you with this scope. That makes it great for camping main bases in conquest.

Under Barrel Attachments
Far and away the best under barrel attachment in Battlefield 3. It tightens up the bullet spread which is great for obvious reasons. You should be running this attachment most of the time.

Battlefield 3 is a game of positioning and dynamic movement. Locking yourself in one place opens you up to countless dangers, the biggest being mortars. Out maneuvering a bipod user is just too easy to make it effective.

Underslung Rail
This a fairly useless attachment. I don’t like bipods and you need this to put a bipod on. It’s just not worth giving up foregrip.

Barrel Attachments
Heavy Barrel
This is my most used barrel attach. It causes your first shot to be more accurate. More accuracy makes you more likely to win gun fights. This attachment works best on assault rifles. It’s least effective on SMGs, although you still throw it on there and find some success.

Laser Sight
If heavy barrel doesn’t make sense then This is where you go. It greatly increase your hip-fire accuracy. It works great on SMG’s and carbines. You also have the option to turn it on and off while running around in game. I take advantage of this regularly. Hiding in a corner with your laser beam pointing out is counter productive. I usually turn it off when I first spawn in, then turn it back on when clearing buildings or taking corners.

Tactical Light
Fuck shit? fuck it fuck it fuck it, shit pist.

Makes the first shot less accurate but causes your gun to be quieter. It also hides your position on the map after firing. Normally after shooting you will show up on the enemies mini map. This is another attachment that works well on SMGs. It tends to be less effective on burst fire assault rifles.

Flash Supressor
This attachment hides muzzle flash but decreases iron sight accuracy and over all accuracy. It basically does everything you don’t want an attachment to do. I personally never felt like muzzle flash was an issue so skipping it’s easy.

Battlefield 3 weapons Assault
The most popular kit in Battlefield 3. Assault is equipped to deal with enemies at close, medium, and long range. The only downside is how helpless it is to vehicles.

The AK is a great range rifle. Its power and accuracy destroy infantry at a distance. The only thing holding it back would be firing speed. The rate of fire is turd.

One of the best mid-long range assault rifles. This gun is great for console players because it has basically has no recoil.

Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. The AEK does well up close. At mid and long range it gets sketchy.

This rifle used to be god. It’s still the best assault rifle but you can’t spray like before. The M16A3 is beast when used in short bursts.

Battlefield 3 weapons Engineer
The G36 feels like an assault rifle. It kills fast and has good accuracy. The only downside is it lacks the speed of other engineer guns. When zoomed in you move at a crawl. Most of the other engi guns are highly mobile while zoomed in.

My personal favorite SMG. It has a high fire rate and great mobility. You wont be winning many range fights but engineers aren’t meant to be fighting infantry at long range anyways.

Many pro players favor the M4A1. The reason is how well balanced it is. The M4A1 has good fire rate, range, and mobility.

Battlefield 3 weapons Sniper
This sniper rifle does work. Face shots are always a 1 hit kill, there’s nothing special about the M98b there. This gun will also randomly 1 hit kill to the chest. It happens more in hardcore servers. I generally don’t like snipers because they contribute little to nothing for a team, but if you’re going to play one this is the gun to use.

This is my favorite recon gun. It’s basically a suppressed assault rifle. So you get the spawn beacon without having to be gimped by an assault rifle. It has a small clip but is deadly at close range.

Battlefield 3 weapons Support
This LMG has a ton of power and a ton of kick back. You have to be good at pulling down to use an M240B. This is the best of all support specific LMGs.

This is an all class gun that works perfectly with support. You can be mobile and aggressively hand out ammo to team mates. One of the downsides to shotguns are how quickly they run out of ammo. Support is the perfect class for shotgunning.

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