BF3 is one of the most complex multiplayer FPS. It has tons of layers, rewarding intelligence and strategy. This game is an information battle. I’ve been addicted for the better part of 8 years and have a massive amount of knowledge on it. If you pinkey swear to join my team I’ll share some of my Battlefield 3 tips and tricks with you.

BF3 Minimap
Information is everything, and nothing yields more than your minimap. If an enemy fires with no suppressor they show up as a red arrow. When guarding flags keep an eye out for a flashing square on your map. The flashing is caused by enemies entering the flag radius. Knowing they are somewhere in radius will give you a slight reaction time advantage. One of the most overlooked uses for the minimap is keeping track of team mates. Getting too grouped up makes you a prime target for mortar strikes and grenades. If there are too many people in one area try to flank.

BF3 vehicles
Clearly vehicles have a large role in bf3. As infantry many of your decisions will be made based on how to best deal with them. The best way to safely get information on enemy vehicles is through spotting. Find an area with good cover, quickly peek out and hit your spot key then fall back. This highlights the tank your minimap. For 15 seconds you will be able to keep track of the tanks movement without being in its line of fire. Usually your best bet is to evade. If you play engineer its a different story. When hunting tanks take them from behind. Not only is it an area most don’t pay attention too, but it’s also the tanks weak point. One well placed rocket from behind disables a tank.

BF3 Map Knowledge
One of the best BF3 tips I can give you is to become familiar with its maps. The fastest route to an objective will always be the most traveled. Typically it will also have the most resistance. The best way to avoid a stalemate is to flank. Take an alternate route around the main action and either kill them from behind or go for the back flag. This is a great way to break down enemy defense and only takes 1 or 2 guys. Whenever you spawn at a flag or bombsite make a mental note of exactly the spot you come in on. You will need to keep an eye on these spots when graying out those flags later.

BF3 Ticket Bleed
Battlefield conquest mode is all about ticket bleed. Holding more flags than your opponents will cause their tickets to decrease. Because of this gambling with your tickets by throwing yourself at a flag can be worth it. Burning off 10-20 tickets is completely worth it if you can take the flag and hold it. You will be able to make up for those tickets with bleed in minutes. Anything to secure ticket bleed is worth it.

Dealing with health and ammo can suck. You rely on teammates with little to no higher brain function for both. Health isn’t too bad, since you slowly regenerate after 15 seconds. Ammo on the other hand is complete crap. The only way to get ammo is through support assholes who are ALWAYS blind as shit. If you aim at a support player and press your spot button it requests ammo, of course they will never see or hear it. To show them the light I suggest using sidearm equipped with a flashlight that’s so bright it probably causes skin cancer.

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