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Battlefield 3 guide play at the top, play to win. Losing sucks, that simple fact has driven me to become one of the best Battlefield players in the world. You’re in luck because I’m willing to share the tricks I’ve used to get there. The tactics and tricks I use will make your opponents rage. It’s funny and satisfying to see what people say when they feel helpless against your strategy. Click Click here to see the noob rage.

Become the Player Noobs Fear
Being killed over and over isn’t fun. However, being the one doing the killing over and over is incredibly fun! You can walk around with the confidence that some one must get lucky to kill you.  All it takes is some proven Battlefield strategy.

Be Memorable
Become one of the players people remember. People don’t add average players to their friends list. When I see someone take care of business and destroy the other team I want to play with them again. Becoming a destroyer is a learned skill.

Bend Players to Your Will
Decent players get kills. Great players force people to make mistakes and get tons of kills. You need to know the common mistakes so you can avoid them. At the same time you’ll know when other people are making mistakes and be able to capitalize.

Get Stats You Can be Proud of
People who are extremely good at this game aren’t using magic. They’re using a system of tricks and strategies to their advantage. You can waste hundreds of hours trying to learn these. Alternatively you could get them right here and spend hundreds of hours destroying instead.

Be Better Then People Around You
There is a clear line between good players and bad players. To become a good player will take a long time on your own. Every thing you need to know is right here. I’ve taken years of championship knowledge and condensed it into a single guide.

The Best Guide on Earth
No guide anywhere matches this one, not even close. No one out there writing guides has the skill or experience I do. These tips have literary won championship matches. Take a look at what these strategies have done for me.

Learn to Shoot Correctly
90% of players don’t aim correctly. Low accuracy is a symptom of bad technique. Good aim is some thing you will need in every FPS. I’m one of the best and I’ll show you how to do it the right way.

Be Smarter Than the Dummies
So many people make terrible choices in BF3. All kits are not made equally. You need to know what kits are actually good. Ontop of that you need to know what guns and attachments to use. I see so many people handicap themselves by using bad kits and terrible guns. If you want to level fast you have to use the good equipment.

100% Money Back Guarantee
If this Battlefield 3 guide doesn’t make you a better player I’ll give your money back. You have nothing to lose, there’s 0% risk. Once you’ve read the guide you’ll see why I’m so confident in it. If you some how manage to learn nothing I’ll give you back every penny.

Take Action
You know what this guide can do for you. It’s time to take action and acquire the best BF3 guide.
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