Battlefield 3 Clan

What is a Battlefield 3 Clan? I hate the word clan when used in the context of video games. We aren’t Mongol tribes attacking the Roman empire. When you’re talking about groups of people playing together there are 3 main classes.

Gaming Communities

Most people playing Battlefield 3 have no affiliations. Playing by yourself can be frustrating. Battlefield 3 is a team oriented game. Playing with an organized group of people adds a whole new layer to the game. It’s a lot of fun even if your just rolling noobs on public servers.

Gaming Communities
Over the last few years gaming communities have become popular. The difference between a BF3 community and a battlefield 3 clan is size and attitude. Communities tend to be large usually 20-100 people, sometimes even more. They tend to be very lax when it comes to recruiting. If you want to get into competitive BF3 this would be an easy entry point.

They tend not to be super serious when it comes to competition. More than anything they like to play in a semi organized manner and use voice communication. I see communities on leagues and ladders all the time. They normally do okay and tend to have good attitudes when they lose. If you’re a casual player that enjoys teamwork and organization this is where I would look.

Battlefield 3 Clan
Clans are a step up from communities. they tend to be smaller and more organized with rosters of 5-20 people. I started out in a clan many years ago. Like most other clans ours started out with a small group of 5 friends. We recruited players from public servers to fill out an 8vs8 roster. Clans are slightly more selective than communities when it comes to recruiting.

Communities will let just about anyone in who’s mature and isn’t cheating. Clans want to be more competitive. They typically require players to pass a try out. Individual skill isn’t a big sticking point for clans, they just want players who are active. If you do moderately well but show up every night that will get you in. Many talented players start out in clans then move to top level competitive teams.

Battlefield 3 Teams
Teams are groups of players who combine skill and preparation to win matches. Like clans they want players who are very active. They put more emphasis on skill and teamwork. Most top teams are invite only. Meaning you have to catch someones eye with impressive play just to earn a try out. Most players who make it onto teams are recruited out of clans.

When a clan breaks up teams normally come in and cherry pick the best players. Many top players ended up on good teams from this process. If you want to get into competitive gaming clans are where you should start. Starting off with a team can be frustrating even if you pass the try out. Good teams like to play against other good teams and improve. If you don’t have experience it’s hard to keep up. It’s better to start off with a clan to get some organized matches under your belt before joining a team.

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